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Eternal Life For Pennies A Day

In the future, we’ll all be famous for 15 minute eternities. We will live on, in digital form, as long as artificial intelligence, computers, and our robot overlords allow us. This is a new phenomenon. Thousands of years ago, it … Continue reading

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Word of the Year – More Like Word of the Century

Dictionary.com has seen the future. They picked their word of the year for 2011, but it should really be our word for the next 100 years. “Tergiversate” means to quickly and rapidly change your loyalties and affiliations. The signs are … Continue reading

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The Age-Old Debate Over Stonehenge Vs. Beanie Babies

It now takes about a day for a decade’s worth of information to happen. Does that make sense? This is why we should structure our messages more like Stonehenge and less like Beanie Babies. Let me explain. In the middle … Continue reading

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The Next Billion-Dollar Idea: A Giant Internet Love Fest

An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg I’ve been on Facebook for a few years now. Many of my friends are jumping the Zuckerberg Ship and heading over to Google+. They are the early adopters, and the newest thing always seems … Continue reading

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Death – The Last Internet Taboo

Here is a sad thought. After your death, more people will post condolences on your Facebook page than actually visit your real, dead, analog, human body in the funeral parlor. The internet is no longer an invention. It is now … Continue reading

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Our Next Lexical Gap – When Books No Longer Come Between Two Covers

Many books nowadays have movie posters as their front covers. But what if a book was a movie? What if you watched your book like a film? Does that still count as reading? Writing and publishing are technologies. This means … Continue reading

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We’re All Hipsters Now

Since its inception in the 1940s and 50s, “Cool” was a club most of us couldn’t enter. Being cool always meant you were different, in, happening, an outsider, or against the mainstream society at large. The working middle class didn’t … Continue reading

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