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User-Generated Content Before the Fall of Rome: Achieving Immortality By Creating

Nero was a first-century emperor of Rome. He is rumored to have executed his mother and poisoned his brother. His friends report that Nero liked to roast Christians in his courtyard at night for the special glow they gave off. … Continue reading

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The Cyborgs Are Coming! The Cyborgs Are Coming! And They Are Us

Time zones are theoretical. They are imaginary lines (usually dotted) drawn from the north to the south pole on most maps. If you cross over one of these spaces in our analog lives, your clock is supposed to reflect it … Continue reading

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The Beatitudes of the Inverse-Net

Rare books are made common. Hard to find music is laid at your fingertips. Old photographs. Out of print magazine articles. The internet is slowly gobbling up all these things and making them available to the world. At the touch … Continue reading

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The Internet Does Not Take Sick Days

Admit it? Sure, I admit it. I tend to take on too much. It’s not that I am necessarily an over achiever. I wouldn’t even say that I’m “driven,” or a “go-getter,” or any other descriptor that workaholics take on … Continue reading

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Death – The Last Internet Taboo

Here is a sad thought. After your death, more people will post condolences on your Facebook page than actually visit your real, dead, analog, human body in the funeral parlor. The internet is no longer an invention. It is now … Continue reading

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The Internet is an Omnivore – You Are on the Menu

Law enforcement officers now know if they use force during an arrest, it’s very likely someone will have a camera or cell phone to film the incident. If you rob a convenience store, your mug shot will appear on a … Continue reading

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Don’t Film My FlashMob, Dude – You Obviously Don’t Understand

Art is over. There hasn’t been any significant artistic movements or “isms” in nearly 50 years. Some art experts believe Andy Warhol helped hammer the final nails into the coffin with Pop Art. In the early 1960s, with the arrival … Continue reading

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