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Sacrilege Will Save Us Today / Addiction Will Save Us Forever

(How To Surivive the Coming, Possible, Maybe End of Humanity) Part Two of a Two Part Series I want someone to debate me about this idea. I’m not a robot-builder or a computer programmer. I’m just a regular guy who … Continue reading

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Prophesying the End of the Doomsayers

With the disillusioned anticlimax regarding the end of the world, I want to offer some quick advice to any future “prophets” receiving messages from beyond about the utter destruction of the planet: Never predict the end of the world. It’s … Continue reading

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Where Will the Saucers Land?

In those old black and white movies from the 1950s, alien craft always land in Washington, DC. The spaceman emerges from the shiny, metallic ship. He pulls off his helmet, his eyes peering into the mob of television cameras and … Continue reading

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