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You Are Hired – Welcome To the New Media

There are plenty of bumper stickers prominently posted on the back of vehicles across the United States declaring we should distrust purveyors of information. “Don’t believe the media.” “Kill your Television.” This is all good and well. But there is … Continue reading

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The Next Billion-Dollar Idea: A Giant Internet Love Fest

An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg I’ve been on Facebook for a few years now. Many of my friends are jumping the Zuckerberg Ship and heading over to Google+. They are the early adopters, and the newest thing always seems … Continue reading

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Twitter Kills Another

People are living with increased dichotomy and split personalities. It is now apparent that most humans participating in the modern world have both an analog life and a digital one as well. One, we live by the clock, in our … Continue reading

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We Need to Invent New Emoticons

Late adopters are thoughtful people. We don’t just jump on any bandwagon that rolls through the internet. We wait. We observe. We calculate and analyze. And then we jump on the bandwagon. I am a late adopter and didn’t use … Continue reading

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