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Yet Another Post-Human Manifesto

We’re not radicals, we’re rationalists. And this is not a call for Post-Humans to rise. We don’t really believe in those sorts of motifs anyway. But this is our time. We no longer desire to be at the mercy of … Continue reading

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Calling All Preppers – The End Is Nigh

Happy end of the year, dear readers. How I adore all of you. Thank you so much for keeping me going. I keep dreaming up more posts for 2013, so stay tuned. And as always, if you have any questions, … Continue reading

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Prophesying the End of the Doomsayers

With the disillusioned anticlimax regarding the end of the world, I want to offer some quick advice to any future “prophets” receiving messages from beyond about the utter destruction of the planet: Never predict the end of the world. It’s … Continue reading

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