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With movements toward digital technology, our interactions with books will surely evolve into new relationships.

Trees Are For Breathing. Hemp Is For Reading

This may sound strange. But this isn’t a blog post about the future. I always write about the future. Or I at least try to write about the future. But not this time. I know. It feels weird to me … Continue reading

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The Bronze Age Bible and the Digital Debate: These Words May Be Forever, But This Sentence Is Not

I have some bad news for wannabe and up-and-coming prophets. Your words are not eternal. At least not anymore. Humanity no longer has a sense of “forever,” especially with the data it collects. Information is now temporary and relative. People … Continue reading

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Our Next Lexical Gap – When Books No Longer Come Between Two Covers

Many books nowadays have movie posters as their front covers. But what if a book was a movie? What if you watched your book like a film? Does that still count as reading? Writing and publishing are technologies. This means … Continue reading

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Stephen King, Can You E-Mail Me Your Autograph?

For devoted bibliophiles, no moment is greater than when you get to meet your favorite author. I have stood in line for hours, clinching a paperback in my sweaty hands, thinking of a cool thing to say when I get … Continue reading

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Neil Young Was Wrong (Read a Book)

Neil Young’s 1979 proto-grunge rock tune “Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)” says that rock ‘n’ roll will never die. It makes me very sad to say Neil Young was wrong. Rest in peace, Rock ‘N’ Roll. Rock music … Continue reading

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Godwin’s Law: A Loophole When Dealing With Libricide

Internet law expert Mike Godwin invented an online maxim. Godwin’s Law basically says that regarding internet discussions, no matter how innocuous the topic, the longer the conversation lasts, the more probable that someone will bring up Nazi Germany, being worse … Continue reading

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