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Attempts to understand the learning process.

One Toe In Tomorrow, Nine Toes In Yesterday

Some people called the 2013 American congress a bunch of do-nothings. One of the most inactive congresses in the history of the American nation. But in early December, the critters in congress did take a few hours to debate the … Continue reading

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One Thing You Have Forgotten Since You Were A Student

The human brain has been clocked processing less than 60 bits of information per second. This means humans deal with information about as fast as early teletype machines of decades ago. Humans can only listen to one song at a … Continue reading

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Where Will the Saucers Land?

In those old black and white movies from the 1950s, alien craft always land in Washington, DC. The spaceman emerges from the shiny, metallic ship. He pulls off his helmet, his eyes peering into the mob of television cameras and … Continue reading

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