What Now? A Listicle

The 2016 election is over and we’re all waking up to a new reality in America and probably the world.

I don’t know what lies ahead. No one does.

My friends and I are all asking ourselves what can we do now? Perhaps you are asking the same question.

listicle2There will be much debate about this in the future. And yes, there are many battles to come.

But for now, I made a listicle. It’s a little out of the ordinary for this blog. But these are out of the ordinary times.

Here’s some things you and I can do today to continue on our quest to make tomorrow better for all people.

Join me.


  • Call out science denial

It’s becoming quite in vogue to admit you don’t believe in science. I’d like to see this trend come to an end.

Join me in telling people who are self-proclaimed “science skeptics” that we have built our modern world upon observational phenomenon. It feeds us, keeps us warm, and helps us live longer. All thanks to science. The same scientific “theories” that deniers are skeptical about are the exact same scientific theories that make planes fly, make GPS work, and inform us that smoking cigarettes is bad.

Tell science deniers the truth. They’re not skeptical about science. They’re just too lazy to take in new information and change their minds because it conflicts with their skewed point of view.


  • Call out all forms of inequality

This means both expressed or embedded within the culture.


  • Be kind

We’re all on this one planet together, one tiny sphere floating alone in the infinite, cold, harsh, void of space. If we don’t stop seeing other people as the problem, we’ll perish. All of us. So, remember, treat everyone like a fellow human. We are all individuals and worthy of it.

We all just got here to this amazing planet. We’re all trying to figure it out.


  • Make your spare time about something besides you

Donate. Give. Volunteer. Make an impact. Mentor. Listen. Help. Receive (because that is the other side of giving). Think. Read. Dream. Invent.

The road to tomorrow is full of ups and downs. Some of the battles you will win. Some of the battles you will lose first before winning them later. Remember that sadness, confusion, anger, and failure are all part of the journey to a better tomorrow. Don’t let those feelings become too defining. Recognize them, put them aside in a compartment, and fight on.


  • Take care of yourself

We need you. We need your intellect. We need your insight and problem solving. Humanity is facing some of the biggest problems it ever has. And we want you around to help the rest of us through this puzzle.


  • Take care of the planet

Earth may be the only planet we ever get. At least, it will be our only home for a long time. listicle1We need to take care of it. We need to realize that what is good for someone’s bank account may not be good for the overall planet.

Stand up for Earth. This doesn’t make you a crazy environmentalist. This makes you intelligent.


  • Make the world a slightly better place everyday

Easy enough. When you see a wrong, no matter how small, correct it.

Thanks for reading. I’m sure there are many other things I’m forgetting. Leave a comment if you can think of something else that should be on the above list.

It’s short, but full of stuff we can do every day, right now, today, to continue working toward that great future we all want to live in.

This blog post is more of a band-Aid than a cure. I don’t know how to fix the world. I don’t know what challenges lie ahead, but I do know they’re coming.

We won’t succeed if we give up.

So, let’s give up on giving up.

Get up.

Get going.

Get ready. It’s going to be tough. I hope to see you there. We’re all in this together.


About Blog Boss

Jim MacKenzie and Sarah Giavedoni are the creators of the blogs Stuff Monsters Like, the Incredible Vanishing Paperweight, and more. When they are not blogging, they are devoted to managing the Asheville Blogger Society, watching movies, running a completely unrelated nonprofit, and making money at their paid employment.
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