It’s Time To Give Artificial Intelligences A Job

The problem with human minds and brains is they have many blind spots. And much of the time, they lack the cognitive powers to recognize their own shortcomings. So, we’re doubly blind.

One of the best uses for Artificial Intelligence [AI] I can think of is that it will help us find alien

life forms. Humans can’t even think up all the ways and methods that we’re failing to think up regarding the search for aliens. In other words, we don’t even know what we don’t know.

Boy with hands covering eyes playing hide and seek

Boy with hands covering eyes playing hide and seek

In our search for other intelligences, we tend to only look for other beings that would think like us; are evolved like us; carbon-based and water and oxygen dependent. Perhaps that is how intelligent life out there actually is and how it must evolve. But I doubt it.

AI To The Rescue

Artificial Intelligence and machine brains will be the closest thing we have on this planet to alien intelligences. If we need brains that think differently than humans to locate life that thinks differently than humans, perhaps AI will reveal some new paths?

If intelligent beings really do leave footprints across the universe, maybe listening for radio waves might not be the best way to find these traces. Well, listening for radio waves is just fine. But there’s likely hundreds of other “footprints” we could be looking for if we only knew where to begin.

Job Offer

If you are involved in the search for intelligent life around the universe, and you post a job ai1offer, be open minded. Perhaps one of the applicants will be a computer software mind. It won’t much care for office politics or popularity contests or fashion.

But it will give you insight into intelligence possessed by beings other than Homo Sapiens. It may show you how other creatures elsewhere might think. And those insights will be priceless.

As long as we search for alien life forms that are exactly like us, think like us, possess our exact technologies, and evolved like us, we may never find them. Because real aliens are probably vastly different from us in both corporeal and philosophical systems.

All we need are some new ideas. Hurry up, AI. The universe is so lonely. It’s like a giant hide and seek game out there in the cold vacuum, and our friends likely have a massive head start.


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