The End of the Gregorian Calendar?

The usefulness of the Gregorian Calendar is coming quickly to an end. And why not?

After all, the Gregorian Calendar, which we use today, was a replacement for another calendar system called the Julian. So there is precedent to change and adopt new dating systems.

greg1Pope Gregor (How convenient he named it after himself) proposed our current calendar system because of leap years and lunar cycles and equinox drift and way too many things to get into here. Not to mention this calendar is lightly-veiled religious propaganda and the spell that it likely keeps over our world.

Maybe it’s time for a rethink and a reset?

The Catalyst

The day the entire world gains internet access will be a momentous day. So momentous, we should call it “Day One”. It will be the birth of a brand new form of Earthling. We shall be dwellers within the first global brain. It shall be rudimentary, of course, but it’s just a first stage.

We shall remain individuals within the brain. In fact, that’s what makes this entire endeavor so beautiful.

The internet belongs to everyone. And you’ll be a node. You may not be the best node, or the healthiest, or the most agreeable node, but you’ll be a node. You’ll be in the world. You’ll gather and sort information. Just like a neuron. All people will be connected, in a way, to all other people. This will be a quantum leap in human evolution. This will be the first time in our history that we’ll all contribute to a greater picture, one of individuality and yet connectedness.

Of course, not everyone will want to participate in the world brain. And that’s fine. Not all greg2of your brain cells work hard all the time too. What’s important is that everyone at least has the choice and opportunity to join, if they wish.

We’ll exchange information, ideas, possibilities, technology and data. Sort of like we already do, but we’ll all be included.

What Do We Call It?

I don’t get to name the new calendar. What we do with our new global brain is far too important for just one person’s opinion. That’s the whole point of it. But I do have a humble proposal. How about The Cyberian Calendar?

It shall be the Year 00000000. Because, of course, we should keep the Cyberian Calendar dates in Binary Code. It only makes sense.

There will likely be governments who don’t, or won’t, recognize the global brain as momentous. In fact, many people may look at this major leap as detrimental to their totalitarian, science-denying regimes. That’s fine. We don’t need official word from officials to experience a Day One. But as long as we’re all contributing, “Day One” it shall be.

And no, I’m not being naive. I know this global brain won’t cure terrorism, or world hunger. It won’t make everyone love everyone else. At least not right away. And it doesn’t defeat climate change. But it will democratize information, put the world together in one piece for the first time, begin the grander global conversation, and start humanity on a new course, one bound for more equality and understanding.

That’s what I think. What about you? Are you excited for the coming Year 00000000? Or am I just lost in a sci-fi daze? Please explain.

**** Author note: Yes, I understand that some cultures, religions, and countries do not use the Gregorian Calendar and this is a rather Euro-centric view of the world. That still doesn’t change the main thrust of this article. I’m only using it because of its prevalence and familiarity within the business and English-speaking world. ****


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2 Responses to The End of the Gregorian Calendar?

  1. Craig says:

    I don’t want to use any calendar that could network me with the Cylons. More seriously, with respect to binary time… since general relativity demonstrated the meaninglessness of simultanaiety and even of duration, perhaps our next calendar should be a fuzzy quantum one. Day One for me will be Day Zero for others and Day 3.82 if you are traveling at the speed of light. And we already know that for our parents, personal time advances ever so more rapidly (fall already? it was just spring!) while calendar time slows down to a crawl (still love my Beatles and Doors, ELO and a little Sam Phillips.) So perhaps our calendars should ultimately be free of time and just count orbits as ones and zeroes.

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