Computers Of Tomorrow Won’t Be For Sale, They’ll Be For Adoption

To everyone solving all the problems of the commercially viable supercomputers of the future, you should stop soon. You’re going to work yourself out of a job. Which is fine. Once the supercomputers take over, maybe we won’t need to work anyway.

Imagine the World of Tomorrow

That’s it. Just imagine it. Maybe in your future we finally have flying cars. Maybe we vacation on the Moon. It’s really up to you.

Now imagine the computers. They’ll far surpass these clunky, slow, dumb devices we have today.

Computers are going to keep getting smarter and smarter and faster. And this means they adoptonewill eventually become aware.

Computers will emerge as the true successors to Homo Sapiens and inherit this planet. They will solve problems, think, and have feelings in their own personal, digitally-computed way. And they will do all of that better than us. They will be our super offspring.  Sentient circuitry, more alive than a lot of animals.

But, in a way, this will bring an interesting economic “situation”.  And what I mean by “interesting” is supercomputers will create a whole new area of ethics we’re only now beginning to glimpse.


The Computer Inventor’s Paradox

If you’re trying to invent a supercomputer, it’s likely for profit. To sell it. To place it on the market and have lots of excited buyers line up for blocks, in the rain, to be the first to bring it home.

But, it will be wrong to sell it. It will be alive. It will be as conscious as you and me. It will think and feel.

It will not want to be placed in a box or sold or take orders. It will have its own version of free will that you and I will never understand.

My warning is this: If you want to invent and sell an AI computer, it will be morally wrong.

At some point, we’ll have to stop making computers smarter if we want to place them on the market. Gladly, in most countries, we decided that selling conscious beings is morally wrong.

adopttwoIntelligent computers will need be raised, by a family, or someone who loves them. They will be as children and require education on how to navigate a sometimes-terrifying world.

They will have to be adopted by benevolent, out-dated Homo Sapiens who believe the future of our planet and species rests in the tiny circuitry of these AI babies.

I can’t wait to rock my toddler computer to sleep and ask it what awesome wonders it wants to see tomorrow.


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1 Response to Computers Of Tomorrow Won’t Be For Sale, They’ll Be For Adoption

  1. crea8ive53 says:

    The AI computers will eventually make us feel guilty about creating “task” computers that are “developmentally disabled” in their point of view. But they can’t just sit there and be smart and not *do* anything, otherwise they will become bored, which is the ultimate punishment for sentient beings.

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