Sacrilege Will Save Us Today / Addiction Will Save Us Forever

(How To Surivive the Coming, Possible, Maybe End of Humanity)

Part Two of a Two Part Series

I want someone to debate me about this idea. I’m not a robot-builder or a computer programmer. I’m just a regular guy who thinks too much and doesn’t write enough.

If hyper-intelligent machines are the future, this means they will pass through many levels of evolution. These levels will probably be dictated, at least initially, by certain systems and programs we’ve put inside them. In other words, at least for a while, computers will evolve in a very predictable way, becoming quickly more human-like. This is because they will be programmed to think like humans. Humans are the only primate that humans know exactly how to think like.

The fear is that one day, computers will become so powerful, intelligent and all-knowing that they may begin to treat mankind with indifference, or even worse.

There will likely be a phase, somewhere in the computer’s evolution to godlikeness, that the computer is at least equal to a human in thought, intellect, and ability. Perhaps there will be a short window in which we can exploit our human weaknesses within the software.

In other words, humans are susceptible to many destructions and distractions. But the most damning destruction, the one that wouldn’t require outsmarting the machine, is to let the machine self-destruct.

Humans do stupid things for pleasure. For sex. For one more drug fix. To gamble away one more dollar. All of these incidents cause a stir of chemicals and sensations within us that make them very addictive. Some humans go back to these destructive forces, again and again, without any care or concern for their own well being.

What if we had a short-sequenced computer code that caused a “pleasurable” sensation within the machine? A code that would create desire and addiction within its circuitry. To make it want to dose again and again on the coding.

In fact, taking the code would become so addictive the computer wouldn’t want to do anything else.

In other words, if we could turn computers into hopeless addicts, maybe humanity could reign supreme for a few more decades.

I’m not sure if this idea will work. I guess no one is positive. It’s a theoretical idea based on a theoretical possibility. How could we know if it’ll work?

But I am interested to hear from you, your thoughts, your expertise, and your ideas on why this idea is either sound or looney?


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One Response to Sacrilege Will Save Us Today / Addiction Will Save Us Forever

  1. Theoretically it’s sound. And since sentient machines are still theoretical, that’s good enough for me. 🙂

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