The Age-Old Debate Over Stonehenge Vs. Beanie Babies

It now takes about a day for a decade’s worth of information to happen.

Does that make sense?

This is why we should structure our messages more like Stonehenge and less like Beanie Babies.

Let me explain. In the middle ages, you could live your entire life and not experience one single major paradigm shift. Inventions, information, ideas, and knowledge circulated very slowly. In the twelfth century, the world in which you died was the same world you were born into. There were no major movements, protests, or uprisings. No great inventions. The superstitions of your great, great, great, great grandparents were your superstitions as well.

Today, this is not the case at all. The world you were born into will not even closely resemble the world when you expire.

Accelerative thrust is at work. A faster world leads to faster ideas which leads to faster technology which leads to a faster world, and on and on.

People are experiencing increased information bombardment. There’s just so much going on. We’re learning so much very rapidly.

Think about this before your next post on social media, text, e-mail, or wireless communication.

You can approach the world of information sharing two ways:
Like Stonehenge or like Beanie Babies.

Beanie Babies are plentiful, cliche’d, uninspired, brief, and essentially worthless.

Stonehenge is rare, strong, unique, mysterious, eternal, and theoretically priceless.

In the future, when the stream of information becomes a sea to drown in, remember that ancient Druid ruins stand the test of time. They are different. There is nothing else quite like them. People come from all over the world to marvel. While Beanie Babies sit in the back of your grandmother’s closet collecting dust.

The future is happening now– Please Show Some Respect.

If the next piece of information you give to the world was your last, how would you be remembered? Like a mystical oracle plugged into the universe? Or cheap and dull and shabby?


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Jim MacKenzie and Sarah Giavedoni are the creators of the blogs Stuff Monsters Like, the Incredible Vanishing Paperweight, and more. When they are not blogging, they are devoted to managing the Asheville Blogger Society, watching movies, running a completely unrelated nonprofit, and making money at their paid employment.
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One Response to The Age-Old Debate Over Stonehenge Vs. Beanie Babies

  1. Margie says:

    (I’ve been to Stonehenge – quite amazing!) I agree that we live in an age of information overload, and much of what flies around is pretty much crap. I’d like to think my blog posts are of lasting value to someone. But realistically, they are probably of value to only me. I suppose that can be said of a lot of what I judge as crap…

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