Read Blogs, Save Money: The Revenge of Godwin’s Law

Too bad Hank Williams Jr. doesn’t read this blog. It could have saved him plenty of trouble and money and embarrassment.

In October 2011, Williams compared President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler during a TV news show interview.

Mouths were agape. Eyes were widened like baseballs.

See, Williams performed a song that has been synonymous with televised football for decades. The song and the sport were inseparable. Until now.

ESPN, the leader of televised sports, has severed ties with the country crooner following the remarks.

No more paycheck coming in from America’s favorite pass time, football. I’m sure the son of Hank Williams Sr. doesn’t really need the money.

The true cost is embarrassment. It’s having to backpedal your words. It’s making endless apologies on television. It’s realizing that you shouldn’t just make vitriolic remarks without thought. Superstars don’t care about losing a few paychecks. But they do care about a tarnished image.

If only Bocephus read my blog post from April 2011, regarding Godwin’s Law. Godwin’s law basically states that whomever is the first to compare a person, country, or political entity to Nazi Germany or Hitler, immediately loses any discussion or argument.

Finally, here’s a real world example of why the world must quit making this mistake. Sure, there are politicians in the world who do not think or act or speak like you. That’s great. Welcome to America. Isn’t it wonderful? But please, stop comparing people to Hitler.

You lose. Instantly.

Your credibility, your image, and a few paychecks.

Many thanks to Bocephus for helping demonstrate that Godwin’s Law is not a force to be reckoned with.


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Jim MacKenzie and Sarah Giavedoni are the creators of the blogs Stuff Monsters Like, the Incredible Vanishing Paperweight, and more. When they are not blogging, they are devoted to managing the Asheville Blogger Society, watching movies, running a completely unrelated nonprofit, and making money at their paid employment.
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