If You Build a Better Mouse Trap, the Future Will Give You Better Mice

Have you ever read Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass, both by Lewis Carroll?


Me neither.

But I have seen the 1933 black and white movie starring Cary Grant and Gary Cooper.

You know the basic story. Alice winds up in Wonderland, a magical and confusing world where logic is irrelevant.

In the movie, Alice encounters a zany and cracked character called the White Knight. The White Knight jingles and jangles along on his horse, which is inundated with so many of his unnecessary contraptions.

The White Knight is somewhat of an inventor. As the story goes, he has created a carrying case that only opens from the bottom, to keep the rain out. The horse also wears spikes around its ankles to protect them from shark attacks.

Quite absurd.

Decades ago, famed professor and futurist Alvin Toffler said that when envisioning the future, “It is better to err on the side of daring than on the side of caution.”

This misguided knight on a horse is very daring, if not confusing to Alice and all her prim and proper sensibilities.

The knight does not seem sensible at first glance. He and his steed wear mousetraps on their clothing to keep little rodents from mucking about during their quest.

If you view the White Knight through a contemporary lens, wearing mouse traps seems quite absurd.

But in the future, when the mice of the world finally evolve, unite, and invent weaponry, clothing made of mousetraps will seem rather sage and down to Earth. In fact, it would be absurd not to wear them.

Of course, I’m only being facetious. I do not really think mice are going to declare war on humanity. But the future is infinite and mysterious and wide-opened. This means anything is possible, so be prepared.

Can you think of any White Knight inventions? Ideas that seemed crazy, but were really just ahead of their time.

Let me know. I’d like to hear from you.


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